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Node.js® Introduction

Installation, JavaScript, JS, Node.js, Protractor, SetUp

To know about node.js, one must know about JavaScript.

About JavaScript

JS aka JavaScript is a functional programming language which is platform independent. It is mostly used by web developers for designing front-end of their applications. It is used by to add interactivity like talking to back-end services. It generally runs on client aka your browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet » Continue Reading.

Installing node.js and npm on Windows

Installation, JavaScript, JS, Node.js, Protractor, SetUp

Installing NodeJs and NPM can be done like any other windows application using the installer downloaded from Node.js website.

  • Download the Windows installer package from Node.js website (
  • Run the downloaded msi package.
  • Accept the license agreement and click NEXT a few times until you get below screen.
  • Observe that Setup window shows following packages –
  • Installing node.js and npm on MAC


    Node Js can be installed from brew Or we can download and install manually.

    1. Installing node through brew:

    First we need to install homebrew in MAC

    • Please execute the below command in terminal to install brew /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
    • Close the terminal and open it again
    • Run brew update to update brew » Continue Reading.