Saturday, October 31Be an Automation Engineer


NightwatchJs is a node.js based custom implementation of W3C WebDriver API. Using NighwatchJs, one can test end to end of any browser based web application or websites.

Main Features of NightWatchJs include following

  • Clean syntax which allows one to automate browser native user actions like click, type, etc.
  • Built-in test runner with a ton of features to run test by group, in parallel or sequential manner.
  • Grunt support
  • Allows one to control selenium server by starting/stopping whenever tests are initialized.
  • Remote selenium server support
  • Cloud providers support include Sauce Labs, BrowserStack
  • Continuous Integration tools support include Jenkins, TeamCity, Hudson etc.
  • Reporting support include JUnit XML report and also an in-built reporting format.
  • And by the way as all other JS libraries, it is extensible easily – One can write custom commands, assertions


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