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Node.js® Introduction

To know about node.js, one must know about JavaScript.

About JavaScript

JS aka JavaScript is a functional programming language which is platform independent. It is mostly used by web developers for designing front-end of their applications. It is used by to add interactivity like talking to back-end services. It generally runs on client aka your browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari etc. Now-a-days, it is also being used on server-side thanks to Node.js®. Using JavaScript, one can create whole web application

About Node.js®

Node.js® is a version of Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine. It can also be used for developing native desktop applications. It has an in-built package manager called npm which stands for node package manager. Using npm, one can install packages which run on node.js. All packages are available on npm’s website


Node.js® can be installed both on Windows and Mac OS.

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