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Run Protractor tests in Firefox using Gecko (marionette) driver

Firefox is supporting ‘Gecko’ webdriver from FF48. Selenium is using Gecko web driver from Selenium 3.0. Please click here for more info.

We need to update ‘webdriver-manager’ to run protractor tests on FF48 or greater.

webdriver-manager update

The above command will download ‘Gecko’ driver.

Execute the below command in Command Prompt/Terminal to make use of ‘Gecko’ driver.

webdriver-manager start

The above command will start selenium server and it get hold of all the browser drivers including ‘Gekco’.

We can simply mention the browser name as ‘firefox’ in config.js and run our tests as usual.

capabilities: {
    'browserName': 'firefox',
    'marionette': true

Right now there is an issue in running protractor tests using gecko driver 0.9 and FF49 through webdriver-manger.

If you face any issue in running protractor tests in firefox using Gecko driver, try the below process.

Stop the webdriver-manager and run the selenium standalone server with gecko driver configuration.

Example command:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.53.1.jar -Dwebdriver.gecko.driver="geckodriver-v0.9.0"
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