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How to install protractor: For Beginners

Protractor is a npm module which runs on NodeJs. So, first we need to download and install Nodejs in our machine.

Download NodeJS from and install.

Click here to go through Step by Step process of installing Node.Js on Windows / MAC (OS X).

After installing NodeJs, we need to install Protractor. Please execute the below command in Command Prompt/Terminal to install protractor.

npm install -g protractor

Option: ‘ -g ‘ is for installing protractor globally. So that we can run protractor from any where in the system.

Protractor will automatically download selenium standalone server and all the browser drivers like chrome driver and gecko driver etc..

To updated selenium standalone server and browser drivers to latest, please execute beloe command in Command Prompt/Terminal

webdriver-manager update

The above command will update Selenium standalone server and browser drivers (Chrome Driver, Gecko Driver[firefox] etc..) to latest versions.

Now, we need to write our first script in Protractor. Please ‘Click here‘ to know how to write first protractor spec.

Note: In Protractor, each test case is termed as a Spec.

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