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Execute protractor tests using blocking proxy

Execute protractor tests using blocking proxy

blocking-proxy, Protractor

Before going to seen an example, let us know about blocking proxy.


What is blocking-poxy?

Blocking proxy is a tool which provides some additional functionality for the selenium based automation tools before hitting selenium server. Blocking proxy sits in between our automation code and the selenium server. We can use blocking-poxy to set some barriers to » Continue Reading.

Execute Asynchronous Javascript in protractor

JavaScript, Javascript Executor, Protractor

Protractor has two functions to execute javascript code in tests.

  • executeScript
  • executeAsyncScript
  • We’ve explained about executeScript with examples here.

    Now, Lets know about executeAsyncScript.

    browser.executeAsyncScript(Asnynchronousjavascript, args…)

    Basically protractor provided this method to execute any asynchronous javascript code. We need to use this method to execute a javascript which has ajax calls or timeouts in it.

    executeAsyncScript takes one » Continue Reading.

    Basic example program in webdriverjs


    As we all know that webdriverjs is the Javascript library for Selenium. Before starting our first program it is always better to know about the automation tool which we will be using further. Many people will get confused on using WebdriverJs while we already have Selenium Java. Read my explanation below so that you will get some idea on it.

    » Continue Reading.