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WebDriverJs is the Official javascript implementation of selenium. It uses the Selenium's Json-wire-protocol to interact with browser as selenium java does. It is written by selenium guys. Other tools like protractor depends on WebdriverJs to interact with browser.

Webdriverjs is packaged as 'selenium-webdriver' under npm package which runs on nodejs.

WedriverJs supports the below browsers. The table contains the supported browser and the respective browser drivers. You can click on the driver link and download the required browser driver.

Browser Name Driver
Chrome chromedriver
Firefox47+ geckodriver
Safari safaridriver
Internet Explorer IEDriverServer.exe
Microsoft Edge MicrosoftWebDriver.msi
Opera operadriver
Phontom Js phontomjs

MicrosoftWebDriver is launched to support Microsoft's Edge browser.
geckoDriver is launched to support firefox releases after 47 version. Upto version 47 we don't need to use gecko driver.

How to Install?

If we want to work with WebdriverJs we need to install Nodejs first. Please Click here to go through step by step process of installing Node.js.

After installing NodeJs, create your project folder and navigate to it.

mkdir WebdriverJsAutomation
cd WebdriverJsAutomation

Run the below command to install webdriverjs in your project.

npm install selenium-webdriver
An example program

A basic example program in webdriverjs with explanation.

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